what does it mean to me?

I don’t know about you but when I hear fitness I immediately picture big bulky guys who aren’t even sure how their legs look anymore as their pecks are far too BIG…..(which is probably why they ‘forget’ leg day).
However, starting my fitness journey has really changed my perception. Both of fitness in general and the all dreaded gym.
I’ve never been big I’ve always been quite slim. Although, before I started my journey properly I was starting to feel the effects of the holidays. All that amazing food and endless nibbles. You just can’t help yourself with that kind of temptation. Those of you with separated parents will understand the ‘pain’ well not pain but over feeding from both ends. With two Christmases, birthdays and countless other occasions.
It’s not easy getting into fitness and eating right, especially now that no one wants to wait for anything. It seems to me that we’ve all just run out of patience.
I’m no exception to this. I probably started it. I won’t wait for anything. I’ll walk the bus route instead of waiting a few minutes, I won’t buy a sale item if the queue is too long and I’ll even go somewhere more expensive just to avoid a queue.
It takes time to get into a routine and find a way that works for you. One size does NOT fit all.
In this blog I will go into further detail of my fitness journey; starting out in my room at uni to becoming more comfortable in the gym!
Fit Miss in progress x